Civil Litigation

The Superior Court of Justice has jurisdiction over a broad range of civil disputes, including property disputes, mortgage enforcement proceedings, debt recovery, personal injuries, product liability, occupier’s liability and motor vehicle claims. To be successful, we assist our client’s in the preparation of effective strategies to present the case, the evidence and the law in order to secure the most effective and timely result possible. From the delivery of the initial demand letter to pursuing our client’s rights in appeal, our focus on cohesive litigation strategy means that  a client’s litigation is comprised of a lawsuit or a legal contest in a court of justice for the purpose of enforcing a right. Civil litigation The parties in such a law suit include: – a plaintiff who claims to have received damages from and seeks a legal or equitable remedy from – a defendant who is required to respond to the plaintiff’s complaints. If the plaintiff is successful, a judgment is awarded in his favour. That judgment may include court orders, such as: -awarding damages – enforcing rights – imposing injunctions If the defendant is successful, he will be exonerated and perhaps awarded the costs of the action against the plaintiff. Litigation may involve resolving courtroom disputes between individuals OR business entities goals are consistently and persuasively pursued through each stage of litigation.