Probate and Estate Administration

Estate Administration Lawyer, Toronto

Probate and Estate Administration Lawyer Toronto

In the event of a death, we at Duensing Law can assist with all legal aspects of the administration and distribution of an estate. Being an executor, administrator or trustee of an estate or trust is a large responsibility, which many people find themselves unprepared for and/or need assistance with. If you’ve been left to administer an estate and have questions, call Duensing Law to learn:

  • your legal responsibilities as an executor, including overseeing the disposition of property and assets according to the deceased person’s wishes as outlined in the will, paying off debts and more;
  • The difference between formal and informal probate (the process of determining the validity of the will);
  •  How wills are treated in the eyes of the law;
  •  Formal requirements and limitations on wills;
  •  Which debt you are responsible for paying off with the estate funds (i.e, credit card debt).

Turn to a Trusted Probate Lawyer in Toronto

Perhaps equally important, death and estate administration can be a time of heightened emotion for families. Amidst this heightened emotion, Duensing Law will provide practical, sound counsel on how to administer the estate as quickly and tactfully as possible, so nothing requires revisiting.

Estate Administration Lawyer Toronto

An estate administration lawyer is a type of specialized lawyer who assists executors and beneficiaries through the complicated process of administering and settling an estate after someone passes. Estate administration lawyers responsibilities include navigating through the probate court system, validate wills, inventorying assets, settling debts and taxes and ultimately dispersing an estate to its rightful heirs is what is involved here. Estate administration lawyers provide legal advice, draft and file necessary documents, manage disputes and ensure that an estate is administered according to its decedent’s wishes and relevant laws. With expertise in estate and tax law, estate administration lawyers provide crucial peace of mind during a challenging period for everyone involved.

Probating an estate is a complicated and difficult process. As the executor, you could be expected to take on a range of responsibilities and duties related to managing the estate and distributing it. Without legal assistance, you could tie yourself in knots and get very confused. Even the slightest mistake could have grave consequences for everyone involved.

The emotional strain of dealing with the loss of a loved-one is difficult to handle, even though being named as an executor in a will comes with a lot of responsibility and pressure. A lawyer who specializes in estate administration can help reduce stress and the risk of mistakes. The whole process will be more smooth and quicker with the professional’s help and expertise.

It’s important to remember that the cost of hiring a probate lawyer doesn’t lie with you as the executor. Rather, the estate pays for any services or expenses involved in probating the estate.

Before my mother died, she had her will drawn up by a high end law firm and named me Power of Attorney. After she died, I got sick and tired of trying to navigate this high end law firm’s voicemail system to figure out next steps. I found Duensing Law through Google and was shocked when Matthias actually answered the phone live. Matthias is professional and responsive. He consistently stays in touch to let me know exactly what is happening and when I send him an email, he gets back right away. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Matthias – he’s fast, professional, respectful and gets the job done right.”

-R. M., Toronto

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