Do I Need an Attorney to Draft My Will?

If you’re thinking about creating a Will for your estate, we highly recommend consulting with a professional attorney when doing so. Wills are important legal documents that make up your estate and tax plan for the future. Such documents protect your best interests and give your loved ones more peace of mind. 

Having no Will or succession planning strategy for your estate could impact your loved ones in the event of the unforeseen. It leaves them vulnerable to omissions, family conflicts, and expensive estate litigation proceedings. Moreover, estate administration can take months for the courts to process and properly distribute your assets. 

An attorney will make sure your last Will and Testament is properly signed and witnessed. At Duensing Law, we will ensure your last wishes are expressed clearly and take into account your unique situation.

If you are an executor, administrator or trustee of an estate, having an estate administration lawyer in Toronto on your side reaps huge benefits. Duensing Law offers legal insights into all aspects of the administration and distribution of the estate. 


How Much Does an Attorney Charge to Draw Up a Will?

The cost of drafting a legal Will varies depending on what you want covered and the complexity of your case. It is very common for an estate planning attorney to charge a flat fee.

But there is no “one size fits all”. It’s impossible to know what you need without a conversation about your situation and wishes. And such conversation has become more important as more and more Will challenges are launched in court. A good lawyer will talk to you before quoting you a price. 

We offer a fair pricing plan for all our clients. Duensing Law recognizes that everyone has different financial commitments and circumstances. You may book an appointment with us to discuss how we can help you further.


Should I Hire a Real Estate Attorney?

Buying or selling a home can involve copious amounts of paperwork that could confuse anyone without prior knowledge in these matters. A real estate attorney can help you through this process and serves as a great resource for inexperienced buyers and sellers.

Duensing Law provides detailed counsel in residential and commercial real estate issues. Your home is the single largest investment you’re likely to make in your lifetime. Don’t take a gamble on an investment of this magnitude. 

Duensing Law employs a wealth of legal expertise in dealing with extensive documentation and the finer details of your real estate investment to set it up for success. 

We deal with the preparation and review of purchase and sale agreements, mortgages and finances, title insurance, and transfer of ownership among other issues.


What Does a Probate Attorney Do For Me?

A probate administration attorney in Toronto will make sure all your assets and resources are distributed among family members and/or those who are named in your Will as per your wishes. The loss of a loved one is already an emotional and complicated process. A competent attorney reduces the stress and errors that usually crop up when emotions run high. 

The role of a probate attorney is to avoid any conflict within the family and make sure the estate is voided of any claims made by outside parties. The lawyer could also employ their expertise to streamline access to the estate’s assets and respond to any questions that may be asked by benefactors in a timely and accurate manner. 

Moreover, a probate lawyer identifies and resolves any financial problems or debts incurred and provides much needed support for the estate’s executor. 


By Law, Do I Need an Attorney to Settle an Estate?

In Ontario, you are not required to hire an attorney to settle an estate, but it is strongly advisable in many cases. Most people may not have the capacity to deal with the detailed paperwork and court processes. Seeking legal assistance in probate and estate administration matters is a strategic move, especially to avoid family disputes and ensuing litigation proceedings.  

A reliable attorney can help guide you through the proper procedures to ensure all assets and resources are managed fairly. 


What Does a Commissioner of Oaths Do?

A Commissioner of Oaths in Toronto is responsible for taking affidavits and declarations by formally requesting the individual to swear that the information contained in that document is true to the best of their knowledge. 

When would one need an affidavit? These documents come in handy for small claims and in family or civil court. They are also used during the transfer of ownership of a vehicle. 

A Notary Public has all the authority of a Commissioner but may also verify signatures and affirm that copies of important documents are genuine. 


Duensing Law is a Trusted Wills, Estate Administration and Real Estate Attorney in Toronto

Duensing Law structures affairs both during our clients’ lifetime and after their death in accordance with their wishes. 

Our priority is to provide practical, sound counsel on how to create a solid succession plan. Duensing Law also assists in administering the estate as quickly and tactfully as possible so that nothing requires revisiting.

Contact us today at 416-601-4769 to get started on securing your assets and finances. 

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