Estate Litigation Lawyer

We at Duensing Law in Toronto regularly advise Executors, Administrators, and Trustees of Estates and Trusts on their fiduciary obligations and the expectations of the legislation governing their actions. We also assist in the prevention and resolution of litigation matters arising out of Estate and Testamentary Planning. We handle all issues related to Estates Litigation including
  • Will, Estate, Trust Challenges/Interpretations
  • Dependant Support Claims
  • Spousal Rights
  • Passing of Estate, Attorney, Guardian and Fiduciary Accounts
  • Capacity Proceedings
  • Guardianships
  • Power of Attorney Disputes
  • Counsel to Estate Trustee(s) and Estate Trustee(s) During Litigation and other Fiduciaries
  • Section 3 Counsel under the Substitute Decisions Act

We invite you to contact Duensing law  Toronto estate litigation lawyer  today. Call us at(416) 601-4769.

We often deal with cross border estate issues and have developed an international network of law firms we work with.

Our network includes

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